About Us


CONCEPT: The idea began in Palm Desert, California. VACY Beauty also known as 'VACY' is a unique story of nature, passion, a sense of adventure, and a desire for making beautiful high-quality skincare and cosmetic products. VACY comes from the word ‘VACAY’ which is a slang word for vacation. Founded by a woman in 2021, Leah Robson seized the opportunity for high-demand for clean skincare formulas which truly work without feeling the impact of spending a lot of money and, that was the beginning of our Company. Our products are uniquely formulated to deliver real results for all skin types. We incorporate Gold in our luxurious packaging to represent the high-quality formulas that are inside the bottles, Jars and tubes. 

Location: VACY and its Founder are located in Southern California, United States. We do not have any offices or sub-branches outside the United States.

Goals: Our goal is to deliver the best products  in the industry and the utmost world-class customer service. We believe in retaining customers hence, we do not compromise the quality of the formulas and our service. That is what keeps us competitive in the industry.

Resolutions:  VACY has a policy of correcting errors and issuing refunds in a timely manner. Our commitment to outstanding customers service, we guarantee to return calls and emails in 24hrs or less from the time we receive messages. VACY believes in transparency; we have provided our contact information on this website. Reach out to us to ask any question and any suggestions are very welcome.